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Emotional well being life coach and licensed NLP practitioner

My qualifications

Licenced NLP practitioner

Diploma in Life Coaching
(with distinction)

BSc in Psychology

Diploma in Mental Health Nursing

Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling

Certificate in Motivational Interviewing

I have a wealth of Life Experience

I have a passion for helping people to unlock their potential

I believe in the concept of empowerment and have a lifelong commitment to personal development and growth


After having my family very young I reached a point in my life where I said to myself, 'Now what?' Although I felt blessed with my two wonderful children and loved being a mum I was eager to develop and grow as a person in my own right. To be honest I didn't have a clue where to begin. Then of course I battled with the guilt. Did I have the right to a life outside being a mum? Then I began to realise that if my life was more balanced and I expanded other areas of my life then I would also be a better mum because I would be more personally fulfilled. I wish someone had told me about the
'Wheel of Life' back then. I'm sure it would have made things a lot clearer for me.

Eventually I decided to go to University to study Psychology. Despite the initial opposition, my dad and children were so proud of me when I got my degree. Oh it was hard work, especially as I had children as well but the sense of achievement I felt was so amazing. I then went on to train as a mental health nurse and still work in a related field. Of course life never runs smoothly and like everyone I've had pain and disappointment along the way. Real life isn't all plain sailing but I truly believe that everyone has potential for personal growth and the ability make their dream into a reality when given positive and realistic guidance.

A few years ago I decided to train as a Life Coach. It proved to be another great and life changing experience for me. Gosh I even got a distinction. I'm on a wonderful life and challenging life journey. I've overcome personal and challenging issues. As a Life Coach I get a great deal of personal satisfaction in helping people move forward in their lives. I've found that by using everyday psychology and life coaching it has helped many people to make positive live changes.
That's why I decided to start www.taketherainbow.com

The journey goes on ... Join me now and see what positive changes you can make to your life.